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Quantitative Methodology

Quantitative background in an array of multivariate analysis techniques: e.g., Correlational and Regression-based techniques, Structural Equation Modeling, Item Response Theory, Basic Machine Learning Methods (CART, Random Forest), etc.

EEG/ERP Methodology

Extensive training on the collection and analysis of electroencephalographic [EEG] data and the event-related potential [ERP] technique

Academic Positions


Clinical Research on Externalizing and Addiction Mechanisms (C.R.E.A.M.) Lab

University of California, Berkeley

Jan 2022 – Present Berkeley, CA
Principal Investigator

Clinical Neuroscience Lab

Florida State University

Aug 2015 – Present Tallahassee, FL
Graduate Student Researcher

Cardiorespiratory/Metabolic (CRML) Lab

University of Memphis

Jan 2015 – May 2015 Memphis, TN
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Health, Addiction, Behavioral Intervention Team (HABIT) Lab

University of Memphis

Jan 2013 – May 2015 Memphis, TN
Undergraduate Research Assistant


  • 1107 West Call Street, Florida State University, Florida, 32304, USA
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